The answer, my friend, is b….

…blowing in the wind.

For some reason the title of this post reminded me of a classic song from my youth.

I didn’t intend the previous post asking about who I am voting for to be a trick.  Rather, I was presenting a stereotypical representation of what I could be like.  The regular visitors who responded, though, saw through it.

All of my statements were true.  They just weren’t the complete truth.

I did vote for Reagan for president and for George Herbert Walker Bush in his first election for the presidency.  I voted against Bush in his second term because he wasn’t doing what I thought he needed to do on the economy.  I never voted for his son.

While I can trace many of my ancestors to colonial America, my grandmother was 100% Moravian, her parents coming to America in the early 1900s…, and they were Catholic, which I didn’t know until recently.  Her husband, my grandfather, was an ardent denier of his Native American ancestry, which was actually pretty diluted as far as I can tell.  I grew up believing my heritage was entirely white, anglo, and protestant.

While I believe abortion to be a very bad thing, I don’t oppose it and I certainly don’t want things to go back to the way it was before Roe v. Wade.

I am uncomfortable with gay marriage.  That’s not the same thing as being against it.  I’m not and that is a recent change, within the last week, for me.  I voted against it when it came up for a vote in a state constitutional ammendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman.  I would not vote the same today.

In some small degree my vote is going to be about race and age. Barack Obama is a relatively young man of mixed ancestry who has taken much of the best of both cultures and is moving beyond it.  Electing Barack Obama would show to our young people and the world that the great potential of the American Dream is still alive and well, despite everything that is going on.

In general, I like John McCain.  If McCain had been the nominee in 2000, he would have had my vote.  However, today, John McCain is not the best choice for me — though he was the best out of all the Republicans, in my view — and part of that is because he is just too old.

The most important thing, though, for me in this election, is that we have a good turnout for this election, no matter who people are voting for.

If you aren’t registered to vote, do it soon!

If you are registered, please make sure you vote for the candidates of your choice!

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  • teeni Aug 8, 2008

    Well, I do like your reasoning. I’m always glad to see people who are voting using a willingness to learn and change, not just blindly following a party. But hey – this means I was right!! What do you mean there’s no “prize?” That does it, I’m outta here! 😉

  • Vered Aug 8, 2008

    You are an interesting person and certainly full of surprises. I guess we are not that different after all. It’s great that you THINK and that you don’t vote automatically, as many people do.

  • dcr Aug 8, 2008

    See I was right. And I was right before Teeni. What do I win? 😉

  • Mike Goad Aug 9, 2008

    @ teeni – Yes, you were right, but it wasn’t a contest to see who was right first. It was just a question.

    @ Vared – Thanks! It’s good to know that I can be interesting. teeni and Dan weren’t surprised, at least not totally, but, then, in internet time, we go back a LONG time — the first comment I can find of Dan’s is from August 9, 2007 and teeni showed up less than 2 weeks later on August 20th.

    @dcr – Dan, you win the same thing that teeni wins.

  • teeni Aug 9, 2008

    What?!! I have to share with Dan?!!??!! No way! It’s mine all mine! 😉 **tired of following in Dan’s shadow, she runs out of the room clutching her prize of um, well, nothing** heehee

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