The Advertiser had to Pay for My Visit to His Site – But then He Drove Me Away from his Site!

Earlier today, I clicked on an AdSense ad on someone else’s blog because the ad interested me.

That’s what they’re supposed do, right? Get your attention so that you click on the ad to go to the advertiser’s site.

My computer’s audio was turned up high.

When I got to the advertiser’s site, sound started blaring almost immediately.

I don’t even know what it was – some kind of music, I think. It might have even been something I would have liked, if I had been given the choice of listening to it, instead of having it foisted on me as soon as I hit the site.

I don’t even know what the site looked like.

I closed that window — left — vamoosed.

The advertiser had to pay for my visit — and his audio drove me away from it.

Of course, had it been any other kind of page or blog than that of an advertiser, I still would have left.

Just a little tip — There’s probably a lot of other folks like me that like to be in control of the sound coming out of their speakers. If we’re going to a site and have no reason to anticipate that there’s audio there, some of us are just not going to give that site a chance. We’re just going to click that little x at the top corner of the window or whatever else it takes to stop the racket, especially when it happens at work — and we’re looking at something that’s not work related.

I normally run with my sound muted, just in case, but sometimes I forget.

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  • Opal Tribble Aug 12, 2007

    LOL I make a virtual run for it also. 🙂 I'm late with the link love I should have it out by today or tomorrow. I'm letting you know since you'll be in it.

  • dcr Aug 12, 2007

    I leave many of those such sites too. I shouldn't have to turn down my speakers just to visit certain sites.

    One could blame the MySpace generation, but this type of thing existed long before MySpace.

  • Katie Aug 13, 2007

    Oh, I hate that too. That would make me leave quickly as well.

  • JoLynn Braley Aug 13, 2007

    I've done that before, too, in fact it just happened to me last night. I clicked an advertiser link on a blog and as soon as the page loaded I was assaulted with a loud video. I know that the site's owners must think this will grab your attention, but I bet it drives more people away than they realize.

  • Carl Coddington Aug 13, 2007

    It's funny. I remember back in 1996 it was almost mandatory to have "sound" on your website….. Then, one year later, it became taboo. It went away with the tag.

    Great website. I look forward to reading the rest of your posts.

  • Michael from Pro Blo Aug 14, 2007

    I can't stand auto-playing sound on websites either. If I have music on, I don't want it to be interrupted, and if I don't, it means that I'm enjoying the silence. It's amazing that some web owners just don't get that… 🙁

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