That’s our sweetie!… I think.

thats-our-sweetie.JPGAt about noon yesterday, I went up to check the mail. All we got was a catalog from Lands’ End and some junk mail. When I got back down to the porch, I handed the mail to Karen, knowing the first thing that she would do.

Sure enough, she started paging through the catalog looking to see if there were any pictures of our granddaughter in it. You see, our granddaughter occasionally models kids clothes for Lands’ End and she’s been on a few local photo shoots in Wisconsin for a couple of other companies.

Before long, Karen tells me, “I’m not sure, but I think this little girl might be Cia. It’s kind of hard to tell looking at her from the back.”

When I saw the picture, I was pretty sure it was her, but wasn’t entirely positive.

Of course Karen had to call our daughter, Jes, to find out for sure. Except Jes didn’t know because she hadn’t gotten that catalog yet and she didn’t remember the layout that Karen described to her. Of course, the parents aren’t always on the set for the shoot, so it might be something she hadn’t seen.

We scanned in the photo from the catalog and sent it to our daughter.

Before long we got a message, “That’s my sweetie!”

That’s three different Lands’ End catalogs that Cia has been in — and this time Karen spotted it before our daughter had a chance to.

Note: Cia only does these shoots occasionally and she will only be doing them as long as she continues to enjoy it. After costs, the money is being put away for college.

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  • keeyit Oct 7, 2007

    wow.. your grand daughter is a kid model. She is sure pretty and cute.

  • Opal Tribble Oct 8, 2007

    Well that is cool. 🙂 That's great that she is able to stop when she no longer enjoys it.

  • Rose Oct 8, 2007

    Well how wonderful. You must be so proud of her.

  • Miss Pink Oct 8, 2007

    Wow that's cool your grandaughter, is very preety.

  • Sabrina's Money Oct 10, 2007

    How fun for her! And the great thing is shyness may never be a problem for her because of this experience – interacting with so many people is great exposure. 🙂

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