Thanks, guys!

We just had a crew here to reattach our service line. It had come loose from the side of the house when a branch fell on it, but not from the meter, and we actually still had power.

2013-12-08 003_linemen

The crew supervisor told me that when they get to the little jobs like this, things are winding down.

It was good to thank some of the guys personally. I know that sometimes customers can be less than appreciative and sometimes downright obnoxious and it’s important to thank the linemen if you can.

These guys were from Louisiana. Thanks, again, guys!

And thanks to all the workers, both in the field and support, who are working through this outage. You ARE appreciated.

Note: This post is, for the most part, the comment that I left on the Entergy Arkansas Facebook page after the crew left.


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