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Cath Lawson asked, about National Parks – specifically Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, Yosemite:

Which one do you reckon is best for seeing the most wildlife? The kids are keen to see bears and other critters – from a distance I hope. :)

Also – 12,000 ft is v high. Do you get altitude sickness? Is there anything you can take for it – or anything you can do to make it easier?

We’ve not visited Yosemite, but I understand there is quite a bit of wildlife there.  Overall, we’ve seen more wildlife in Yellowstone than any other park, but some people visit and don’t see many animals.  Bears are actually a very rare sight in any park, though we saw 4 this year back east.

12,000 feet is high and, yes, we did feel it.  However, it wasn’t as bad as one other time as this time for a couple of days we didn’t go above 8 to 9,000 feet.

It looks like Yellowstone and RMNP are doable in one trip – if you have enough time. Have you been to all the US national parks? Which is your favourite, or is it hard to choose?

We have not been to even a quarter of the national parks.  Our favorites, I think are Yellowstone and Grand Teton,  They are very close to each other yet offer very different experiences.  We may make a project out of seeing ALL of the national parks and monuments.

I haven’t seen a coyote before aside from on TV. Do they sound a lot like wolves?

They have more of a yip to their howl, I guess, and do it groups.

On Day Use:

…this is just a parking area for people who are visiting for the day right? It has to be the prettiest car park I ever saw.

Actually, it is parking, and picnicking, playground, fishing, and more.


From Dot:

Do you sell your photos?  I’m thinking you could make this series into a book, with commentary.  Also, I know it’s your blog, but will you ever post photos of Karen’s quilts?

No, I don’t sell my photos, though I am thinking of really concentrating on my photography more and perhaps do some photobooks down the road — more for the memoraries and legacy than money.  Karen does post pictures of her quilts on her blog.

While the number of people who visit my blog is small compared to some, I do have some regular visitors, and some regular commenters. Responding to comments is something that I don’t do as well as I should — and I will work on that! —, so periodically, if I get behind on comment response, I will recognize those who have been nice enough to comment when they visit my blog.

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