Thank goodness for air conditioning!


I guess we’re getting the flip side of our colder than normal winter.  It certainly gives one an appreciation for air conditioned living and working spaces.

While this is a hotter than normal summer, it is not without precedent.  The summer that we moved here, 1980, was much worse.  Many of the rural volunteer fire departments in the area were created as a result of the widespread wild fires that year.  The hot dry conditions lasted from June into early October, from what I remember.

imageWe did have a break last week.  On Tuesday, we got about 3 inches of rain in downpour that lasted an hour.  Then, during the night, we had another inch and a quarter for a total of about 4.25 inches (10.8 cm).  Then the temperature stayed under a hundred through yesterday.

I guess I can’t complain too much.  When I was a teen, I lived in southeast Texas the summer of 1965 and from June 1967 to December 1971.  That was 6 summers in a hot and humid part of the U.S. – and we did not have air conditioning.

These days, though, we’re not acclimatized to the heat and tend to hide from it – as much as we can.


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