Taking a break and additions to the blogroll

Today is a rest day for us. We’ve been driving, visiting, and doing touristy things for a week now and it’s time to take a little break. We are just going to stick pretty much at or close to the campground.

I’ve got some things to piddle around with and fix, mostly wiring and stuff for our TV, DVD recorder, satellite dish , and wireless printer. Ahhh — retiree camping in the 21st century. Who would have imagined when we were dreaming about doing this 20 years ago? All the comforts of home.

I might even get around and do some work on some of my web sites.

I’ve added three more blogs to my blogroll.

Note: My blogroll includes links to blogs that I find to be interesting and/or useful — to me.

Comments on “Taking a break and additions to the blogroll”

August 21, 2007

teeni @ 11:01 pm

Hi Mike! How flattering to see that you’ve added me to your blogroll. Now I KNOW that I’m not there for the “usefulness” but I’m flattered to be there for “interesting” just the same. LOL. And who knows? Sometime I actually MAY have something useful at my site. For someone. Someday. What’s the saying – “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure?” Yeup – that’s my site.

Anyhoo, I meant to tell you in my last comment that I like your theme. I am partial to the three-columns myself but none (so far) of the free ones on WordPress have everything I want in them so I am doing the best I can with what they have. Anyway, I’ll be back to visit. I’m glad to have met you through Opal! She really is a gem and is appropriately named! :)

teeni @ 11:02 pm

D’oh – I’m also adding YOU to MY blogroll! Hope you don’t mind!

August 22, 2007

dcr @ 1:06 am

Wow! Thanks for the add. Not sure if I’m there for usefulness or being interesting, but I’m hoping that I’m starting to bring in my A-game with my upcoming posts this week.

I’ll be adding a link to your blog soon as well. (I’ve fallen a bit behind in my blog-linking duties…)

August 24, 2007

Joanne @ 12:33 pm

I love camping! It’s one of my all-time favorite activities. I read dcr as well, both interesting and useful. Thanks for adding me, Mike!

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