Take an eleven state trip… and lose weight doing it!

from Antanith  / William Heinrich, creative commons licensed

I fully intended to make every effort to eat sensibly and exercise on our trip this summer. 

I even stuck my heart monitor in a drawer, with the full intent to wear it on walks and hikes to make sure I was getting quality exercise.

I didn’t take it out of the drawer the entire trip – so much for that intention.

But we did walk and we did take hikes.  I limited my lunch to one sandwich and a bunch of chips – and they weren’t always low fat chips, either.  Most days I had 1 small snack in the morning, none in the afternoon and another snack in the evening.  At supper, I didn’t really limit myself.  We did eat out a few times, and I didn’t really limit myself on that, other than not finishing up the half of Karen’s meal that she didn’t eat.

I knew that I might be losing a bit of weight, because I ended up on the last hole on my belt – and, on this belt, that hole had not ever been used. 

I had been tempted to take a scale along with us, but decided against it.  Space is at a premium in our small camper and I didn’t want to obsess on weight and dieting.  I usually do well when we take our trips and come home lighter or no more than a pound or so heavier – even from the two cruises that we’ve gone on.

I weighed myself after we got home and was pleased, but didn’t say anything.  I wanted to wait until I weighed myself at the gym.  My heart monitor watch has a weight diary and I update it every time that I work out.  The last entry was at the end of June.

The new entry was 14 pounds lower.

Fifty days, 11 states, and I lost 14 pounds without even trying – much. 😉

Monday, I decided if I didn’t “get back” to the gym right away, it would soon turn into going when I “get around to it” and I would slip back to old habits – plus I’m trying to maintain my “travel diet.”


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