Stardom P. Jackasses and Other Silly Names, Spam, Fake Pharmaceuticals, and Identity Theft

A lost Exit78 post , recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

I’ve been posting on spam I’ve been getting and the silly names of the people who have been sending the e-mail. All of the spam has had the subject of “The Pharmacy America Trusts.” I got a couple more today and decided to search the subject line on Google to see what I could find on the names and the messages.

It turns out that what appears to be innocent spam may have a more sinister side.

It appears that the spam messages are originating from Korean IP addresses and not only are they spam, they may also be connected to fraud, sales of fake pharmaceuticals, and a risk of identity theft, according to ZDNet Asia. Unfortunately, some people, especially seniors on a fixed income looking to save money on their meds, rise to the bait, which is what these messages really are.

Bottom line: don’t trust any commercial e-mail that comes from sources that you don’t know — and, even if you know the source, be wary.

Here are some of the silly names of the senders of email that I received, as well as some that I found on the internet:

  1. Stardom P. Jackasses
  2. Wealthiest T. Pauperism
  3. Paganini J. Ouija
  4. Exculpate B. Pestilent
  5. Acclimates I. Hat
  6. Armhole I. Ganging
  7. Villain G. Semitrailer
  8. Reverences G. Kerchief
  9. Sunbathing S. Weakling
  10. Serer V. Creosoting
  11. Labeled Q. Catnap
  12. Radiotherapy J. Apartheid
  13. Interrelate M. Vulva
  14. Monopolization E. Pianofortes
  15. Mineralogist U. Unsportsmanlike
  16. Creator C. Revives
  17. Unmentionables I. Watchmen
  18. Roam U. Irishwomen
  19. Rifles Q. Speeding
  20. Toadstools B. Cobain
  21. Kristine E. Interest
  22. Backslapper L. Henchman
  23. Husband S. Danced
  24. Understudies D. Coverts
  25. Pastorates E. Spectroscopic
  26. Lazing E. Floodgate
  27. Quackery G. Parsonage
  28. Allege U. Debonairly
  29. Cacophonies J. Picking
  30. Fever K. Patricide
  31. Quad B. Flap
  32. Insect A. Deduction
  33. Comprehended O. Hague
  34. Reheat O. Kidd
  35. Martini Q. Curlicued
  36. Pediment M. Brett
  37. Sidekicks R. Tunnelings
  38. Assault J. Dogs
  39. Doused H. Fervently
  40. Plowshare G. Yakima
  41. Remissions T. Transposition
  42. Garters S. Mobster
  43. Imperils H. Lukewarm
  44. Gregg I. Contender
  45. Mist L. Undersigning
  46. Judgment F. Fatima
  47. Bluer D. Butler

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This is the last post, for now, on these spam emails and the silly names of the supposed senders — though I’ll add new silly names to the end of the list as I get them.

Comments on “Stardom P. Jackasses and Other Silly Names, Spam, Fake Pharmaceuticals, and Identity Theft”

September 17, 2007

Opal Tribble @ 5:32 pm

Some of those names are hilarious so far I haven’t received any of them. If they stopped by my email or blog their info was caught in the spam graveyard.

September 24, 2007

Rose DesRochers @ 10:26 pm

Those are some interesting names there. Too funny.

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