Star Trek’s Sir Patrick Stewart doesn’t tweet


Mike’s mini-commentary:

I don’t use Twitter, mainly because I just don’t get why I would want to share random thoughts with others or why I would want to tune in to the random tweets of others.

Twitter, though, is used by a lot of people and  is often mentioned on blogs.    Here’s a trio of recent posts specifically related to Twitter from blogs/feeds I’m subscribed to:


  • Do you have a Twitter account and, if so, do you use it regularly?  If not, have you considered it and do you have reason for not having one?
  • If you have Twitter account, how often do you use it?

Other perspectives on not tweeting:

Why I Don’t Tweet… :

First of all, I don’t believe Twitter is evil, wrong, or in any way immoral. And I’m not condemning my many friends who love to Tweet. But it’s not for me. Here are the top 10 reasons why I don’t use Twitter (not that there’s anything wrong with it)….

Why I Don’t Tweet

Because I don’t think my random thoughts are of interest to anyone, especially those thoughts that can fit into Twitter’s 140-character limit.

And I truly don’t understand people who think their 140-character random thoughts should be of interest to others, even if—as apparently is the case with Ashton Kutcher—they are.

Twitter’s payoff simply seems too low and its risks too high….

Why Teens Don’t Tweet

Why aren’t teens using Twitter? The answer to this question is essential to not only understanding why Generation Y has not embraced microblogging, but to the very future of the medium. Let’s take a look at the statistics and the thoughts of my fellow under 25-ers to understand just why there’s a shortage of teen tweeters…

Why CEOs Don’t Tweet | BNET

America’s business leaders are largely absent from social media platforms.  A study of the web 2.0 footprints of the CEOs from the Fortune 100 found that only two had Twitter accounts, 81 percent did not have a personal Facebook page, just 13 used LinkedIn and none had a blog….

Real men don’t tweet

OK. That headline is a huge exaggeration. But a new study from comScore Inc. finds that there is a gender gap of sorts on social networking sites….

Most Twitter users never tweet, don’t follow anyone

A new report about how the majority of the population uses Twitter reveals that most people, well… don’t really use it. The microblogging service has grown exponentially over the last year, but a little more than half of its users have never sent a single tweet, according to the latest report from HubSpot (PDF). The report reminds us that, like many Web services, much of the content is produced by a small number of users while everyone else likes to look in and watch….

Michael Lewis: What I Read

I don’t tweet, I don’t Twitter, I couldn’t even tell you how to read or where to find a Twitter message. I don’t actually see the point of limiting communication to a haiku. I find the whole effusion of communications technology bewildering. All you have to do is overhear a certain number of cell phone conversations to see that the vast majority of what people say and write to each other is totally pointless. I have an email address and I’m thinking of shutting that down. It’s amazing how overly accessible people are. There’s a lot of communication in my life that’s not enriching, it’s impoverishing….


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