Splogs and other spurious websites and forums

I was just exploring some of the extent of the internet issue with spurious blogs, web sites and forums that have little or no content. They all exist solely to entice web surfers to them in the hopes that a percentage will click on advertising links and provide revenue to their “owners.”

I picked a phrase that I had seen on a few of these and did a google search on it. The results of that search produced the following for its top hits:

Our website has been structured logically and in a simple manner to enable you to navigate the relevant (each of the following was a separate link and site)

  • filing payroll tax links
  • free hosting hosting service site web web links
  • christmas gift ideas for teenage girlfriend links
  • autism center emory links
  • example of help desk resume links
  • natural remedy for anxiety links
  • harry potter and goblet of fire movie trailer links
  • asbestos removal residential links
  • cellular phone camera picture links
  • adware for free links
  • pennsylvania payroll tax links

plus about 16,600 more hits that included the phrase Our website has been structured logically and in a simple manner!

This is outrageous! It’s just one small example of the problem. Tremendous amouts of internet bandwidth is being wasted, not to mention the time expended and frustration of people trying to find worthwhile material online, but instead being led to these worthless sites of no real value.

Recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine 2/25/2011 – page

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Comments on this entry are closed.

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