Some Zazzle product images.

Below are some of the images that I’ve posted on Zazzle for product. For comparison, I’m just displaying one product for each of the designs, the case for the iphone 5.  I’ve not sold anything yet, so I’m not really sold on Zazzle.  I will give it more time and will continue to submit new images for a while.

Click on any image to see the other products associated with the image.

Camelopard (giraffe) farmers market flowersWhite Bengal Tiger Salsa Super Zen Flowers at the farmers market

Battle of Port Hudson East of Sundance, Wyoming I'm So Serious Shōki zu Mukōjima miyamoto musashi

Horse drawn – 1938 Migrant at campfire - 1939 Nakayama Tomisaburō Hizen gotō kujiraryō no zu Yume no ukihashi

Haha to ko  A rose made of galaxies Ichikawa Ebizō Extreme Star Cluster ProductIchikawa monnosuke

Each of the images are available for a number of different products. My current listing includes, by category:

Cases are available for the following electronic device types: iPad, Kindle, Motorola, Samsung, iPhone, iPod Touch 4G, BlackBerry.


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