Six hundred miles without stopping for fuel… and the tank is still full!

We’re on the east side of Knoxville, Tennessee. In the morning, we should be heading pretty much the opposite direction of rush hour traffic.

Today… Long day, Long drive, two extended periods of fog and terrible traffic for a Sunday. Since 2001, I don’t care much for flying. Probably should have made this an exception. Too late now.

One bright spot is not having to stop for fuel. While we did stop at gas stations and truck stops, it was to use the facilities and fill up my coffee cup.

We’ve got about 500 more miles to go tomorrow and will be able to make it all of the way without refueling.

There’s no trick. We’re in the truck and it has a 45 gallon auxiliary fuel tank. We’re getting right around 20 miles per gallon of diesel fuel, so we have a range of about 1300 miles when we’re not pulling the trailer.

I used and got us a 3 star hotel in the Norfolk area for $65 a night, so we should have wireless capability.

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  • teeni Dec 10, 2007

    Oh, I forgot you could blog while you travel. I'm so glad for that. Drive safe – keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

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