Should I be blogging?… a perspective from the legal profession

No, this isn’t about the legal implications of blogging — though I’m sure that there probably are some for some people that probably need a common sense how-to-keep-out-of-trouble-101 course .

Susan Cartier Liebel writes in I’m still in law school. Should I be blogging?, “Blogging is the least expensive, most productive and powerful marketing tool available to law students today to market…you guessed it….themselves!”

It seems to me that this is probably true for just about anyone who has a desire to market themselves for anything these days.

A good blog could be especially valuable in some areas for college who are going to be looking for a job sometime in the the next few years. Imagine including the address of your well-written and perceptive blog in the resume that you send in with your job application. You would be providing potential employers the opportunity to look at work that you’ve actually done.

Of course, a blog written as a personal marketing tool would have to be constrained in ways that most blogs don’t have to be — but then, it doesn’t have to be the only blog you write. You could alway have that other secret blog with a pseudonym where you write what you really think about the “capitalist pigs that ruin run today’s world.”

Note: I stumbled on Ms. Liebel’s article via the blog of a law student – Above Supra.

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  • Above Supra Oct 19, 2007

    I totally agree Mike! Scholars today speak of "push" and "pull" advertising. Push ads are the ad of yore, like TV commercials that urge you to buy things. The internet has sparked tons of pull advertising, where people in need of a product or service seek it out for themselves. I think blogging is a prime example of the new species of advertising.

    Thanks for the link up! Hope all is well.

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