Safety Minute! — Follow the Rules — or Die!

Blast from the Past! — This post was originally posted on September 20, 2007 when we were visiting western Wyoming.  I am bringing it forward, along with original comments as a “blast from the past” post and because, in a way, it relates to a theme I will be addressing in a post I am currently working on.

Man throwing ball with dog off leash, against the rules, Grand Teton National ParkThe rule in Yellowstone and Teton National Parks is that all pets must be on a leash at all times, especially dogs.

Dogs have a tendency to chase after critters bigger than themselves, which can get them and their owner into BIG trouble — even death of the pet or owner.

This guy wasn’t following the rules.

A few hundred feet from where I saw the man playing with his unleashed dog, we saw this:

Bull moose settled down in brush, Menor's Ferry area, Grand Teton National Park.

This bull moose had already gotten antsy earlier in the day with all of the people in the area trying to see it — gettin too close in the process — and nearly charged some of them, including a park service worker who was trying to keep people away from this one and an adult cow with a calf.

As well, yesterday (September 19, 2007), people had apparently been tossing rocks toward it to try to get it to stand up so that they could see it better — throwing rocks at animals is also against the rules.

Imagine if that dog had caught wind of Bullwinkle.

Not following the rules in the wild can be dangerous — and deadly!

Those lower tines on those horns look kinda sharp!

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  • teeni Sep 21, 2007

    Yikes. It always amazes me how stupid some people can be. I feel bad for pets who have stupid owners. And you are right – those tines DO look SHARP!

  • Rose DesRochers Sep 24, 2007

    Geez, people can be stupid. I don't understand why they put themselves in the line of danger.

  • Opal Tribble Sep 26, 2007

    Throwing rocks at a moose. Oh that is very brilliant. I know they would not have liked it if someone had thrown rocks at them. Its unfortunate but some people could care less about rules.

  • Hilary Aug 23, 2015

    Hi Mike – people are extraordinary … and stupid. How very unfair to say the least … and dangerous … animals are wild, and that’s what they deserve to be …

    Not a good story line … but thanks for highlighting and bringing it up some years later .. cheers Hilary
    Hilary recently posted…Blog Sandwich Update 5 … Sharon; Bomber Command Memorial Eastbourne; Canterbury Cathedral’s Ancestor’s Medieval Windows and some food …My Profile

    • Mike Aug 23, 2015

      Hi Hilary – Many of our parks are wild and can be truly dangerous. Ruminants, like this moose, are not generally a hazard, so long as one keeps a safe distance, but they are big and can move quite quickly when aroused.
      Mike recently posted…Foggy MorningMy Profile

  • Rummuser Aug 23, 2015

    Sorry to whine, but I think that you should know that the image does not show up Mike.
    Rummuser recently posted…Travel Series V.My Profile

    • Mike Aug 23, 2015

      Ramana, I’m not sure what’s up with these pictures. I removed both and added new versions. Hopefully that will work better. Thanks for letting me know.
      Mike recently posted…Foggy MorningMy Profile

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