Returning to an old theme – Eyes of the Great Depression


From the visual index page – click on image to visit.

On November 1, 2008, I began a series of posts called Eyes of the Great Depression.  The most recent image, 042, was published on March 11, 2010.

All of the image are from photos taken in the 1930s by photographers working for the federal government, mostly the Farm Security Administration.  The original  photos are all public domain and electronic copies are available from the Library of Congress.

I’ve created a new visual index page and will soon be publishing new posts in the series.

I’ve also replaced images that had been missing as a result of changes that had been made a while back on Exit78.

Each post has, at the top, an image cropped to focus just on the eyes, mostly of just one subject, though, so far, there is one with two people and another with three. 

The rest of the post includes an image that shows more of the subject – and may include other people – as well as as much background information as is available.  Most pages have a link to the source page at the Library of Congress.

So far there are 43 images, numbered sequentially, except for an error which resulted in two images with the same number, so the next image will be 043.


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