Redoing the workspaces — online and real world!

A lost Exit78 post, recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

The last couple of days has been spent working on my new home page and the Exit78 website as well as tearing apart my real world workspace and putting it back together.

For the last couple of years, my home page has been hidden from the view of the rest of the internet. It’s on a web host that I am slowly moving stuff off of and there are no links of any kind to the page.

My new home page is on the website associated with this blog. A lot of the material that was on the old home page is on Mike’s Toolbox and On-line Places, though most of my real for-my-eyes-only goodies are on a new semi-hidden page. The goodies aren’t anything sordid or kinky. They’re simply public domain resources that I’m not sharing because I want to incorporate parts of them into web pages, blog posts, or both.

The real world workspace is undergoing a different kind of metamorphosis. I removed all of the stuff from my wall shelves — and then took down the wall shelves. The fastener holes have been filled in, the wall has been painted and the brackets for the shelves are back up — but there will be different stuff on the shelves — and less of it!

I’ve had a small color TV mounted on the wall in the corner for years. It’s gone. There will be a small flat screen TV in the corner on a shelf. I’ll also be moving the DVD recorder and Dish Network receiver to that area. They had been in front of me on the wall shelf.

I switched from a desktop computer to a laptop in January, but the desktop computer was still on the desktop until this morning. It’s not going back. I’ll be using the flat screen monitor from it to expand my laptop’s “desktop,” as it were.

I also tossed a lot of stuff. I still had too much paper when I’ve really shifted away from using paper, much more so than we ever did for the years at work when we were trying to “go paperless.”

(That’s an interesting thought. It might make a good topic for a blog article. I started a draft post — just in case: The paperless workplace.)

I guess that I need to get the rest of this done tomorrow or Saturday. There’s other projects waiting.

Gee, it’s so nice to be back home.

Comments on “Redoing the workspaces — online and real world!”

October 5, 2007

teeni @ 9:58 am

Welcome home! Looking forward to more posts as you get all organized in your new workspace.

Sabrina’s Money Matters @ 6:06 pm

No rest for the weary I think is what they say right? That’s no consolation. I can appreciate your task, it’s one that I need to undertake for my office, organization moreso than anything else, but just the same.

Sounds like great improvement is ahead and a much more comfortable workspace at that.

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