Recalls are making little kids cry

A lost Exit78 post , recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; June 2011

A blog article by Rose DesRochers about a toy recall reminded me about something Karen related to me earlier today.

How many of us knew what the word “recall” meant when we were 5 years old?

Our 5 year old granddaughter was so upset yesterday about something she saw on TV that she started crying. When our daughter asked her what was wrong, Ciera told her mom that they had said on TV that Aqua Dots were being recalled.

Poor kid. I guess she had her heart set on Aqua Dots for Christmas.

I’m sure she doesn’t really understand what “recall” means, just that sometimes when there’s a recall she has one of her toys taken away and other times something she really wants she can’t have because it’s recalled.

And isn’t this just a wonderful year for Christmas presents? Who knows if what you give — or get — is going to be recalled?

(Aqua Dots and Bindeez, different names for the same toy in different places, were both recalled after it was found that the beads contained a chemical that turns into the so-called date rape drug when ingested.)


November 10, 2007

Opal Tribble @ 2:40 am

I heard about that through visiting some of my blog buddies. Ecstasy was in it. That stuff started gaining popularity when I used to go out dancing. I remember being approached by a few people who thought I sold it because I used to carry this cute little purse/backpack.

One of the young ladies reply when she found I did not sell it was “Well why do you have that tiny backpack?” Well I do need a place to put my keys, Id, etc., I thought that was an odd reply, lol. I carried a backpack so I did not have to hold it in my hands. I love dancing so I was always out on the floor dancing.

I imagine there will be a lot of unhappy children this Christmas if they had their heart set on those toys.

November 12, 2007

Rose @ 9:41 pm

Frightening it is and Children don’t understand. Get this………… “The Chinese factory charged with making toys containing toxic substances is still making new products despite a government ban on its exports, a report said Monday.” You might want to check out


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