Questions of legal implications within leaked emails

The winds of Climategate continue to swirl.  The following email from October 2009 – before the leak –  discusses potentially serious allegations of scientific ‘fraud’ by the East Anglia Climatic Research Unit and the UK Met Office:


From: Sonja A Boehmer-Christiansen <
Date: 2 October 2009 18:09:39 GMT+01:00
To: Stephanie Ferguson <
Cc: "Peiser, Benny"
<, Patrick David Henderson
<, Christopher Monckton <

Subject: RE: Please take note of
potetially serious allegations of scientific ‘fraud’ by CRU and Met Office

Dear Stephanie

I expect that a great deal of UKCIP work is based on the data provided by CRU (as does the work of the IPCC and of course UK climate
policy). Some of this, very fundamentally, would now seem to be open to scientific challenge, and may even face future legal enquiries. It may be
in the interest of UKCIP to inform itself in good time and become a little more ‘uncertain’ about its policy advice.

Perhaps you can comment on the following and pass the allegations made on to the relevant people.

It is beyond my expertise to assess the claims made, but they would fit into my perception of the whole ‘man-made global warming’ cum energy policy debate. I know several of the people involved personally and have no reason to doubt their sincerity and honour as scientists, though I am also aware of their highly critical (of IPCC science) policy positions.

I could also let you have statements by Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick. Ross McKitrick
currently teaches at Westminister Business School and who is fully informed about the relevant issues. He recently addressed a meeting of about 50 people in London.

Best wishes

Sonja B-C

Dr.Sonja A.Boehmer-Christiansen
Reader Emeritus, Department of Geography
Hull University
Editor, Energy&Environment
Multi-Science (
Phone:(xxxx)xxxx xxxxxx/xxxxxx
Fax: (xxxx)xxxx xxxxxx/xxxxxx

TWO copied pieces follow, both relate to CRU and UK climate policy:

Read the “copied pieces” and related communications at


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