Progress with the Travel Journal and Using flikr

A lost Exit78 post , recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; June 2011

Kansas, August 13, 2007I’ve progressed through the first two days of our August and September trip and have journal pages published for them. I’ve incorporated images in a couple of different ways into them. It’s been an interesting experiment.

The first page is for August 13th, traveling from Arkansas to near Wichita, Kansas. The second one is for the day we spent in Kansas and is titled “Hot, Hot, Hot, & “Got change for $100?” runaround.” Had I known how hot it was going to be there, I think we would have opted for just one night at that campground. Both of these are published at Haw Creek Out ‘n About.

They are also tied to my Place and Images pages.

I think that with what I’ve done so far that I’ll be able to have quicker turn around on the Travel Journal on our next trip. The trip that I am working on right now was 7 weeks in length. If I get all of the material for this complete by the end of the year, then I’ll have a workable process.

Of course, I don’t know when our next trip will be. There’s a rumor that I’m going to be going back to work as a contractor around the beginning of the year. No one has talked to me officially about it, so who knows.


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