Posting a year in advance!

I’ve started work on a blog project which will use the WordPress scheduling feature.

Events of May 19, 1861

I’m returning to working with material written at the time of the Civil War.  Next year, 2011, will be the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the war.

I will be publishing material day by day associated with the same day 150 years earlier.  The material is coming from a number of sources – all from the time of the civil war or written by people who lived during that time.

So far, I have 127 posts scheduled.

Right now, the earliest post is for December 17, 1860 – which will be published December 17, 2010.  (Tensions are escalating between the North and the South.  South Carolina is on the verge of seceding from the Union. )

The latest post, so far, is for May 19, 1861, and will be published one year from today, May 19, 2011.  (The nation is split asunder.  Five weeks ago, South Carolina forces under Confederate General Beauregard opened fire on United States troops in Charleston Harbor’s Fort Sumter, reducing it to rubble in the 34 hour bombardment.  Miraculously, there were no Union soldiers killed during the battle.  A Confederate soldier bled to death from wounds resulting from a misfired cannon.)


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