Political Correctness

blackboardGive me a break!

I hear now the board that’s used in a classroom can’t be called a black board or a white board. From what I understand, it’s derogatory to blacks or to whites if you use that kind of descriptive words – it’s either chalk board or marker board.

I guess it’s a good thing that there’s not anyone that might be traumatized by the use of the words chalk or marker.

I don’t know what you would call the boards then.

And I guess we’re supposed to call flip charts something other than that because flip is a word that is offensive to Pilipinos.

Granted, it’s not right to use a word in a derogatory manner like that when using it to refer to an ethnic group.

However, when did black become a derogatory term for blacks and white become a derogatory term for whites?

What am I supposed to call a back flip or flipping a burger (or the finger)?

Sometimes some peoples’ ideas of what is politically correct are just so retarded!

Oh! sorry!

I meant, so MR!

What’s MR?

I understand it’s the politically correct term for mentally retarded.

I guess it’s politically okay to use an abbreviation in this case because they, the MR, can’t spell.

Give me a break!

Our society is carrying politically correctness to ridiculous extremes. Yes, we need to be sensitive to what is hurtful to others.

However, sometimes the folks that think these things up need a reality check.


This post was originally published 10/31/2004

Image credits: Creative Commons License —
AttributionSome rights reserved by BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives; Title: To School again. Blackboard Studies for the New Term; Created by Henri Julien, January 22, 1881

give me a break!, politically correct

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  • Opal Jan 10, 2014

    I do wish people would lighten up with being politically correct. Recently it seems that people fly off the handle about silly things. In some cases, it seems to be another way to distract from real issues…
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    • Mike Jan 10, 2014

      I originally wrote this post over 9 years ago and I think this is actually getting worse. The recent Duck Dynasty furor is a prime example. I don't agree with what the fellow said in the interview, but it's his right to say it. A lot of folks got offended by what he said and tried to get him totally shutdown. The Robertson family stuck by their patriarch, their fans stood behind them and A&E ended up backing down.

      I've gotten all of the text back for my posts and most of the images. I've lost virtually all of the comments, though. Still some work left to do and I'm pulling in old posts from old blogs that I abandoned, too.

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