Payin’ down the house

Back on February 12, 2006, I posted the following. on an old blog that I am in the process of retiring:

Payin’ down the House

We’re starting to make a bit more on our AdSense ads than we need for paying for internet access, server fees, and other misc. costs and had just been chunking the Google check into checking, with no particular plans for the extra money. Last night, we were talking about my hoped for early retirement and all the different expenses we have to eliminate, reduce and otherwise get under control. Among all of the others was our remaining house payments.

As I was dozing of to sleep last night, the thought occurred to me that we could earmark whatever we get from Google for “payin’ down the house,” a little bit every now and again now to eliminate one more expense later. The way we’re using the money now, it just gets spent. This way, it’s earmarked for something specific and it’s extra money that we really haven’t budget for, so we won’t miss it.

As the year progressed, the momentum towards retiring grew.

We withdrew enough from savings to pay off the house and a couple of other bills.

And I retired at the end of February, 2007.

Comments on “Payin’ down the house”

August 6, 2007

Opal Tribble @ 8:31 am

Congrats Mike! You really should think about writing about the ways you have gone about doing this. I think you would appeal to a lot of readers. You’re approachable and I think you’ll get more to listen to you than some because they will see you as a regular guy who’s making it. Of course your way might not work for everyone but it’s another outlet for people to look at when they want to receive tips about Adsense.

A lost Exit78 post, recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

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