We moved on down the road yesterday and found a pretty spot right on the shore of Pathfinder Reservoir west of Casper, Wyoming.  It was a short drive, only about 90 miles, from our last campground.

Pathfinder Reservoir

Pathfinder Reservoir

We had been planning on stopping here 2 days, maybe 1 if we didn’t care for it much.  However, after getting here, we decided to pay for three nights.

As I type right now, we can hear the waves lapping on the shore just a few feet from our camper’s door and the leaves rustling in the breeze. 

When we got here yesterday afternoon, Sunday, there were quite a few campers here and at another campground a little ways up the road.  Not long after we had set up camp, nearly everyone was gone, except for a few people swimming.  By the time we at supper, everyone was gone, though a little later, a young couple tent camping camp in and set up their camp on the opposite side of the campground.

We don’t have internet or phone service here.  That may be the case in many of the places we will be visiting.  I am using Windows Live Writer for this post and when we get someplace with internet service, I’ll publish it.

Today, we plan to visit Independence Rock and some other Oregon/Mormon/California Trail landmarks.  We’ll be taking the laptops along so that, if we get to a McDonalds or a Starbucks or some other place with internet service, we can upload our blog posts.


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