Paradise Lake Camping Resort – a review

We’ve been members of Coast-to-Coast for many years and are just now again starting to use the system after not having a camper for many years.

imageimageWe were very disappointed in the last place that we stayed, Paradise Lake Camping Resort. I had been planning to write a review on my blog for each of the campgrounds that we stay at. I prefer writing positive reviews, but then I also prefer to have a positive camping experience, so the first review is on the last place that we stayed.

Paradise Lake Camping Resort, between Oak Grove and Lone Jack in Missouri, is a member owned campground that is in severe financial difficulty. There is a member meeting in July to vote on whether to accept an offer that has been tendered by a family owned investment group. The family that is interested in investing in the campground has said that the campground will probably be available to the public in the future. If this is happens, and they make the needed improvements, this could be a very nice place to visit.

My review, with pictures, of Paradise Lake Camping Resort is located here.


Update 3/6/2011 – It appears, by their website, that Lake Paradise Camping Resort has been able to make something of a recovery and that they are open to the public.

A lost Exit78 post, recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

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