Overly successful transition to new location

Hotel Petit Jean, Petit Jean State Park

Hotel Petit Jean,
Petit Jean State Park

see my Petit Jean page and gallery

I had intended to continue posting from the old location of Exit 78 until the end of February so that those who are subscribed to the feed would all be able to transition to the new location — if they wanted .

To make sure that all links pointed to the new location,  I used a WordPress plug-in to redirect visitors to the right place.

Unfortunately, it works a little too well.  Apparently, I logged out of the WordPress dashboard at the old location and, when I try to log in, it tries redirecting me to the twilight zone to log in, which, of course, doesn’t work.

So, now I can’t post anything to the old location. 🙁

This is not a problem that I’m going to try to fix.  I was not going to be doing anything more with the old posts as all the ones that I was keeping have been transferred to the new location, along with all of the pictures, comments and links.  I guess if some folks missed my earlier announcements, they won’t know to subscribe to the new, not that I have that many people subscribed at this point anyhow.

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  • rummuser Feb 12, 2009

    Technology! I have just replaced my motherboard and am finding all kinds of problems cropping up. I am told that nothing can be done about installing some of the data not yet put in in the new system till tomorrow as it is already too late in the evening here! So, instead of doing my regular work with my emails etc, I am surfing the net!

    rummuser’s last blog post..Grannymar’s Story Of How She and Jack Got Together.

  • Michelle Gartner Feb 13, 2009

    Something like that happened to me about a year ago… I got locked out of a blog or something. It all sounds frighteningly familiar.

    Michelle Gartner’s last blog post..Weird Tales and Other Good Vintage Parenting Magazines

  • Mike Feb 13, 2009

    Ramana and Michelle – the good thing about it is that all of my posts, comments, and photos all moved to the new location. Other than the dual posting, I had no real need or desire to go back to the old location. This actually made things easier for me and all the external links to the old pages are redirected. All and all, except for that little glitch, it’s pretty transparent.

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