Our great-niece….

It’s six days since we left home and it seems like forever. Got a late start on Monday, June 4 and drove to Springfield.

There’s an article about our great-niece’s accident and injuries here.

We stayed at Springfield 3 nights, mostly providing moral support for Karen’s sister, Mary, who has legal custody of Toni and her two sisters. She was staying in the waiting room the first several nights and we took her out to the campground so she could clean up a couple of times.

Of course, it was more than just a little bit emotional for us as well. We had just spent quite a bit of time around Toni and her sisters at a wedding for a niece the day before the accident and I had talked with her for awhile about what she was doing and her plans for the future. She is very sharp and very focused for an 18 year old. Hopefully she will be able to fulfill her plans, even with her disabilities.

(more later… Our daughter is expecting us at her house.)

A lost Exit78 post, recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

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