Only one regret about retirement!

Today they were having a cookout where I used to work and I dropped by for some free food – and to drop off some notes I had put together for the guy who now will be doing much of what I used to do Actually, I didn’t just drop by. I was invited by the department manager.

While I was there, I related to several former co-workers that I only regretted one thing about retirement – that, because of age, I couldn’t retire earlier. That was worth a chuckle or two.

Up until this last year, I had not seriously intended to retire as soon as I reached 55. However, various things over the last 12 months aggravated me to the point that I made the decision that I was going to retire and not work for at least a year.

Even though the aggravations caused stress and heartache for me during that period, I now see them as a hidden blessing that led me to make a decision that was good for Karen and me that would have otherwise been delayed.

Leaving when I did was the right thing for me to do – no regrets!


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