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  • XUP Apr 14, 2009

    This is an amazing photo. The colours, the reminds me of a 1950s postcard

  • LisaNewton Apr 15, 2009

    This shot reminds me of a dam I used to cross when I was a youngster, in fact, very young. Once I feel in, and I had to run home to change so my parents wouldn't find out.

    I love family outings. It looks like a great day travelin' local…………:)

    <abbr>LisaNewton’s last blog post..Torrey Pines, Dolphins, and another day in San Diego</abbr>

  • Mike Apr 16, 2009

    XUP – Thanks. It is a very picturesque place.

    LisaNewton – It was a nice day. Except, I thing that was the day I fell flat on my face a few minutes later. I ended up with a nice gash on my leg that is now a nice scar, but my camera was not hurt.

    Back in 1974, when our oldest was a year and a half we decided to wade across the top of a dam smaller than this in New Hampshire, but with a series of small falls and rapids below it. I carried our daughter and my wife carried our shoes. Unfortunately she slipped and fell and went over the falls. Fortunately I had already made it most of the way across and was able set our very scared little girl down — making sure she knew to stay — and go help my wife out of the water. She had lost her shoes and glasses and was a bit banged up, but was okay. Unfortunately, since then she has been even more nervous in the water than she was before.

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