Offline for much of the week due to unseen STORM damage

Other than the 7 trees that we lost earlier in the year, we’ve not had any other losses — until this last weekend.

It’s a good thing that I had pre-published some posts in advance. We were off line from Sunday through Wednesday as a result of the storms that blew through here Sunday afternoon.

We noticed that we didn’t have internet access at some point after the storm was past us. It didn’t come back that afternoon and evening and wasn’t back when I got up in the morning. Assuming that it was a problem somewhere down the line in town, I went off to work thinking that it would be back up by the time I got home.


It wasn’t, so I called the phone company’s high speed internet support number and — after waiting forever for a service person to come on line — went through the steps of proving it wasn’t anything I could resolve from this end. At that point I was told that the company would send someone out on a service call the next day, Tuesday.

Didn’t happen…

There was no change in the modem status when I got home. It still wasn’t connecting — no matter what I did. So I called the service center again. This time the wait was very short. They promised someone would be out on Wednesday.


The problem was an easy fix. The modem had gone out as a result of a lightning induced power surge.

On Sunday, while I was taking a shower, there had been a loud crash of thunder — close enough and loud enough that I recall feeling the jolt through the floor of the shower!

I hadn’t thought about it after that as we had no obvious damage anywhere. However, the lightning must have struck directly across the highway from us. One family lost a number of electrical components. Another family’s computer crashed and couldn’t be restarted.

We were lucky, only losing the modem.

The new modem is about 1/4 the size of the old one, which we had had for quite a few years.

It’s nice being back on line — although I was able the check some things while on break at work. There is certainly a sense of something missing when you can just go to the computer and access the internet.

I wonder what it would be like just to go without it cold-turkey for a couple of weeks or more.

Might have to try that — take a vacation from all things computer related… 😉

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  • teeni Jun 6, 2008

    I’m so glad it was only your modem and nothing more serious. Wow. I just thought you were busy or something. There have been some really fierce storms this year.

    I have done that vacation without any technology – it is tough to go without my internet/blogging addiction, but it certainly makes for a peaceful vacation once you adjust. 😉

  • Mike Goad Jun 13, 2008

    teeni: “There have been some really fierce storms this year.” That’s too true… and we are in a severe thunderstorm warning right now! I can hear the thunder off to the west.

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