New camper?

A month ago Karen showed me an new RV in a travel magazine ad.  It looked intriquing, so I checked it out online to find out more and see if there were any dealerships relatively close that carried it.

The next day we took a road trip to go check it out and also visited two state parks.

We really fell for it on the first trip.  It’s called a Navion IQ and is different from all of the other campers in its class.

We stopped to look again on our way up to a picnic with Karen’s family on the 4th of July, but the dealership was closed.  There was one IQ outside the fence, and it’s outer compartment doors were unlocked, so we were able to get the answers to a couple of our questions.

A week later, we did another road trip to look at it again.  This time we spent considerable time inside the little coach, even though it was fairly hot.  We looked through every cabinet, nook and crannie we could find. We sat and talked.  We figured out how the swivel seats work, which is pretty important since there isn’t a slide to open up the space and give more room.  Our salesman was off, but another one was able to answer a number of our questions — inside in his office, which was nice and cool.  However, we left without making a decision.

Our new Navion IQWe talked about it over the weekend and, on Monday, called our salesman to tell him that we wanted it.  He took down all our information so that he could talk to his boss and tell us what it would cost us after our trade-in.  We waited all day for him to call back.  He finally did — during supper — with bad news.  We owed so much on the fifth wheel we were wanting to trade in that he didn’t think they would be able to do  the deal.  I told him that we knew that going in and that we were figured we were going to have to include some kind of down payment in order to get the camper.  He said he would take it to the owner of the dealership and that he would get back to us the next day.

We anticipated that it would take all day again before we heard anything and were quite surprised to get an e-mail the next morning letting us know that our offer was accepted.

The rest of the week was full of anxiety for both of us for various reasons, mainly concern that the deal would fall through.

But it didn’t and, on Saturday, we picked up our new camper.

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  • Beth Ellen Jul 27, 2008

    Looks really sharp! Congratulations and enjoy!

  • Mike Goad Jul 28, 2008

    Thanks! We took our first shake-down weekend camping trip this weekend. Only problem was a loose speaker wire.

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