New shop – gambrel roof and all.

This is another one of those things that’s been keeping me busy in retirement. The shop is on the lower floor. The upper floor will mostly be used for storage. We used to have a storage shed on the spot that the shop now sits on.

The side in the picture is the only one with siding on it right now. Tomorrow the platforms come down, the bolt holes get filled with dowels and I start working on another side.

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  • Rose Nov 9, 2007

    This would definitely keep you busy.

  • dcr Nov 9, 2007

    Looks like lots of work, but you seem to be doing a great job. What kind of wood are you using for the siding? Looks kind of like cedar.

  • teeni Nov 9, 2007

    It's gorgeous. What work will you be doing in there? If I were a kid, I'd love to play in there. Okay, well even though I'm not a kid, I'd still like to play in there. 😉

  • Mike Goad Nov 9, 2007

    Teeni – I’ll be doing some woodworking and may get back into some stain-glass work in it.

    Dan – The siding is thick-butt redwood; the trim and eaves are cedar. It’s the same as we are putting on the house.

    Rose – It sure does keep me busy – except when something else comes up, which seems to be quite often.

  • Opal Tribble Nov 10, 2007

    It is lovely. You're talented. 🙂

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