Moving out of my comfort zone

comfort zoneOver the last several days, I’ve been evaluating parts of my own beliefs and values.

For the most part, I was pleased with what I discovered.  I also came to a few new perspectives on our culture and way of life.

And I discovered that I need to make some personal changes.

I’m going to make those changes.  I’m not just going to work on them.  For me, the changes are going to be real — and along with those changes will be some changes on what I blog about.

As long as I’ve been blogging, I’ve pretty much just blogged on things that were comfortable for me to talk about.  I stayed in my blogging comfort zone.

I’m going to be moving out of that comfort zone.

Stay tuned to this blog for more information.

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  • dcr Aug 6, 2008

    Should we be scared? 🙂 Seems other bloggers have been doing this too lately. Maybe it’s the end of summer angst or something.

  • teeni Aug 6, 2008

    Whoa. You have me riveted to my seat. I’m sure it is going to be good though. I mean, unless you freak us out like Dan suggested. 😯

  • Nards Aug 6, 2008

    If you had not authored this post, it could easily have come from me. I hear you and I truly understand. The path you are on, though different, is quite similar to mine. Happy traveling…-Nards

  • Mike Goad Aug 6, 2008

    @dcr – leaving my comfort zone implies that I may be uncomfortable with some of what I write. By extension, I would presume some of what I write will be uncomfortable to others.

    @teeni – I won’t promise that I won’t freak some folks out. I hope that it’ll be interesting.

    @Nards – Welcome to Exit78. I don’t know where this ride is going but my next post may be a little indicative.

  • Beth Ellen Aug 6, 2008

    I think we all fall into that comfort zone from time to time. I have been feeling that too in many ways. Let’s see what your up to. 🙂

  • Mike Goad Aug 6, 2008

    @Beth Ellen – Part of my comfort zone is that I am normally quite reserved and don’t leave myself open very much. I’ve also had some e-mail exchanges with some old friends and new that have affected my perspectives on things.

  • Vered Aug 7, 2008

    It’s my first time here so I’m not familiar with your usual writing style. But for me, stepping out of my comfort zone – as scary as it is sometimes – always makes me feel ALIVE.

  • Mike Goad Aug 7, 2008

    @Vered – Welcome to Exit78.

    It’s less about writing style and more about content and context — and it is a bit scary.

  • Ribeezie Aug 7, 2008

    Mike: Stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing! [Just like Vered says…] With that said, I wish you the best my friend! I’ll be tuning in…

  • Think Pink (Rose) Aug 8, 2008

    All I can say it’s about Time.

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