We’ve been in Montana since Wednesday afternoon. 

We drove from west of Stanley, Idaho to a small campground just over the state line in Montana (green line), where we stayed 3 nights.  Most of that day’s travel followed the meandering path of the Salmon River.  We didn’t have reservations anywhere and planned to start checking national forest campgrounds as soon as we got into Montana.  Mays Creek Campground was the first one we came across.  It had nice spots and wasn’t busy, so we didn’t look any further.

2010 trip

Enjoying a camp fire and the sunset (picture from Karen’s blog):

Enjoying a camp fire and the sunset  in Montana

Today we traveled to just south of Livingston, Montana (red line).  We’ll be here for three nights and then we’ll be moving into Yellowstone National Park.  The park is about an hour south of us and we have at a campground on the north shore of Yellowstone Lake.

Yellowtone National Park


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