Mention of 1863 resignation of General Robert Toombs

March 7, 1863, A Rebel War Clerk’s Diary
by John Beauchamp Jones

MARCH 7TH. -The President is sick, and has not been in the Executive Office for three days. Gen. Toombs, resigned, has published a farewell address to his brigade. He does not specify of what his grievance consists; but he says he cannot longer hold his commission with honor. The President must be aware of his perilous condition. When in adversity, some of those he has trusted, discuss the bases of reconstruction; and when we are prosperous, others, in similar positions, agitate the question of re-organization – the motive of both being his ruin. But I suppose he has calculated these contingencies, and never anticipated paving a bed of roses to recline upon during the terrible, and sometimes doubtful struggle for independence. (more)

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A lost Exit78 post, recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

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