Maybe it’s not as bad as they thought

More of “Maybe we didn’t get it quite right,” from the science-is-settled crowd.

It seems that part of the “settled science” related to absorption of CO2 by oceans and forests is off the mark – that less CO2 will be absorbed than previously thought, but that the resulting warming will also be less than they thought.


An online BBC article says:


The most alarming forecasts of natural systems amplifying the human-induced greenhouse effect may be too high, according to a new report.

The study in Nature confirms that as the planet warms, oceans and forests will absorb proportionally less CO2.

It says this will increase the effects of man-made warming – but much less than recent research has suggested.

The authors warn, though, that their research will not reduce projections of future temperature rises.

Of course, they go on to say that this doesn’t change their concern about anthropogenic global warming man-made climate change.

Read the rest of the BBC article.


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