Masked Surfing.


I hate being tracked around the internet.

I do a search for something I’m thinking about buying or a service I’m considering using and, then, everywhere I go on the internet, I see ads for the last thing I searched for.  I understand the concept behind it – the consumer was searching for something, so let’s give him more opportunities related to his search and separate some of his money from him.

Some web browsers have had a privacy mode that allows a user to browse the web without storing data locally that could be retrieved later, including disabling storage of data in cookies.

private windowUntil now, privacy mode was applied to the entire browsing session. After private browsing was selected, the current session would be saved and a new browsing session would open with all subsequently opened tabs and windows being private. When private browsing was exited, the private browsing session would close and the previous session would reopen.

Firefox 20.0 now gives the user the capability to open a new window in privacy mode without closing the browsing session.

Now, I can search the internet masked and still access everything else normally.

Stealth searching!

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