Linking a blog to facebook.


This is a second test of the feed from by blog to facebook.  It’s not intended to be a tutorial on how to set up a feed, though there may be some useful information for doing that.

There are a number of different ways to provide a feed from a blog to your facebook page (wall).

This is what worked for me.

However, that isn’t exactly what I wanted to do.  I wanted to the info to go to a page associated with my blog, not my personal facebook page.  I didn’t realize that I had to find something that would do that until after I had installed a WordPress plugin that would only send the post to a personal facebook wall.

Facebook Page Publish.

The second try was a plugin called Facebook Page Publish.  After installing the plugin, it took me a bit to find the link to its settings page.  Instead of being on the plug-ins menu, its under the Settings menu.

imageTo connect the blog to facebook with this plugin, you have to create an app.  To get to the menu for building an app, use this link, or, if that didn’t work,

  • go to the menu at the bottom of your facebook page and select Developers – or use this link.
  • then at the top of the developers page, select the link for apps .

This post is intended to be a second test of the feed from my blog to facebook.  It’s not intended to be a detailed tutorial on how use the App feature or the WordPress plugin, so this is as far as I’ll go with it.


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