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I’ve been on vacation for the last five weeks – practicing for retirement and keeping busy.

While I would really like to post something here every day, sometimes it just ain’t going to happen. I’ve got plenty of other things that I’m going to be doing, including other internet sites that I am working on.

For example, yesterday and today, I added all of the entries of a small book titled War Diary of a Union Woman in the South into my Daily Chronicles of the American Civil War. I am currently publishing material for the current day in 1863, so all of the material from this lady’s diary prior to the beginning of March, is available. She and her husband have just recently arrived in Vicksburg after a futile attempt to reach Union controlled New Orleans. The hardest days of the siege of Vicksburg are soon to come and the articles from this diary from that period are already scheduled for posting on the applicable dates.

Other activities before we hit the road sometime in May include the construction of a 14′ x 24′ workshop with a storage space above it, taking photographs and creating on-line galleries to share some of the pictures I’ve taken over the years, working out at the fitness center, and reading – something I’ve not had much time for in recent years.

Another website that I’m working on is my Haw Creek Outdoors site. Most of my photo galleries will be situated there as our main interests are related to going places and doing things outdoors. I also have a blog there called Haw Creek Out n About that will have some of my photos and things that are related to the outdoors, mostly hiking, camping, and travel in the United States. The RV area of the site has links to the websites of most of the RV manufacturers in the U.S. that have their own websites, including, where possible, links to the pages for current models. I hope to be able to expand that part of the web site to include useful links for other aspects of RVing and camping.

Five weeks into this, I’ve just crossed the line into really being retired.

I watch perhaps a little more television, but a little more than almost nothing is still almost nothing. I think I actually spend less time on the computer at home and what time I do spend on it is more productive.

Boredom will seldom be a problem.

I’ve got plenty to do.

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