Keep it short! — sometimes.

Lost post recovered ! — Originally posted September 7, 2007 — Recovered from Internet Archive.

My blogging has evolved a bit since this piece was posted back in September of 2007 — and my climate blogs are not included in the picture as I am moving on to other things.

I’m finding that as this blog develops — and I develop along with it — that I am enjoying writing and that sometimes the words flow really well.

When words are flowing really well, some folks have the tendency to ramble on and on and on and… well, you know.

I try not to do that. Often times, a short succinct article is more effective and has a better result than longer articles.

A long article has it’s place. It’s good for detailed explanations, in-depth reporting or descriptions, and, sometimes, even humor  or satire. However, it needs to flow and generally be well organized, not ramble on and on and on and… well, you know.

Speaking of which — I think I’m going to keep this short and ramble on… to something else!

© 2007 Mike Goad


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