"Just black, please."

I used to drink my coffee sweetened.

On the submarine, one of my watch stations was  upper level engine room (ULER) which is where the coffee urn was.  The other engine room watches as well as the maneuvering room – where they had the controls for engine throttles, electric plant and reactor – could not leave their assigned stations, so they would pass their coffee cup to the ULER guy along with how much sugar and creamer to add.

just-black-pleaseThat was a royal pain and, eventually, whenever I was scheduled for one of the other watch stations, when I wanted a cup of coffee, I would say, “Just black, please.”

Now, that’s the only way I drink it.

Image adapted from Photo on flickr 

Share AlikeAttribution Some rights reserved by Tim Geers (same license conditions apply for this adaptation)Blog post inspired by Will Tea Lose The Battle? on Ramana’s Musings.

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