Joey’s Seafood and Grill, Conway, Arkansas

A couple of month’s ago, we stopped at Jay Wellwood’s seafood restaurant in Conway, Arkansas. We had a good meal, a good visit, and, now, I’m finally getting around to posting about it.It’s called Joey’s Seafood & Grill and it’s not easy to find if your only familiarity with Conway is I40, US64 and US65. We didn’t find it the first time we tried to find it, so I’ve included a map of it’s location below. The address is 755 Club Lane.

From the corporation website:

  • Joey’s Seafood and Grill is the only one (seafood chain) catering to the quick casual pace in a full service experience for the seafood diner. It’s a niche with very limited competition and limitless potential.
  • Founded in 1985 by legendary seafood lover Joe Klassen, Joey’s Seafood and Grill is a fresh take on the cozy, neighborhood seafood restaurant.


Update: 3/5/2011 – Joey’s was changed to Mickie’s Bluefish Grill after our last visit there and, then, in late November 2009, the restaurant closed “mainly because of the downturn in the economy.”

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Thanks Mike,
I am enjoying exploring your blog.

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