I’ve taken my xanax!

photo by Seth W.

I had to take it under my tongue — and boy does it taste crappy!

I’ve got a dentist appointment in less than an hour — to have a tooth “surgically extracted” plus some other work.

I’m not very good about going to the dentist.   It used to be a lot worse. I really hated going and I would put it off until I really had to.

However, the guy I’m going to now is pretty good.  You see, he caters to “dental cowards.”

I have a prescription for xanax for appointments — one tablet the night before and another (under the tongue) an hour before the appointments to reduce my dental anxiety.

Then at the office I get gas before the novacaine.  I usually don’t feel much until it’s all over.

When I was a kid, I think I only went to the dentist once or twice and never had any cavities.  The water in the town we lived in in western Nebraska was fluoridated.  At 15, I moved to the Houston Texas area and the water there was not fluoridated.  I never went to the dentist there.  When I was 20, I had the opportunity for dental work in San Diego — at Navy boot camp.  That was brutal and probably why I have such an aversion to dentists. And 5 years away from fluoridated water had left me with a mouth full of cavities.

Boy, does that xanax taste crappy!

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  • Vered - MomGrind Dec 11, 2008


    I hate dentists too.

    Good luck with your appointment!

  • Mike Goad Dec 11, 2008

    It seems to have gone well. The only other time I had a tooth out, it was a nightmare. This time, so far, I'm not feeling much pain. Of course, I don't think the local anesthetic has worn off yet. I've got a prescription of pain meds in the medicine cabinet — just in case.

  • Dot Dec 12, 2008

    Hope it continues not to hurt. I hate dentists too, and I used to have a Valium prescription for the same reason. Plus the dentist would numb my gums before giving me the novocaine.

    I had a bad experience in New York City having work done at a dental school because I couldn't afford it. I had to have a crown, and the student kept giving me novocaine but it didn't work very well (this happens often for me). The teacher told him to just keep drilling anyway. He did, and I was in agony. When it ended, I was pale white, shaking, and sweating all over. What a nightmare.

    Also, my mother never worried much about her children brushing their teeth, and by the time I was in second grade I had 33 cavities. It was a bad way to start out.

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