It happened AGAIN!… and I left AGAIN!

I had stopped at Darren Rowse’s Digital Photography School and, after I left a comment, I saw an ad that interested me so I clicked on it.

The ad opened up and I read a few words.

My audio happened to be turned on and was set rather loud.

Normally I leave my computer turned on at night with the audio off so that incoming mail doesn’t wake us. This morning I had listened to something where the audio was rather quiet and I had to turn it up to hear it.

So when a guy started talking about whatever the heck it was that the ad was about, I jumped — it startled me, you see — and closed that browser window.

If I could go back and take back that click, I would!

No… I’ve reconsidered. I like it the way that it is.

Darren got whatever Google will pay him for that click and the advertiser will have to pay for it, even though I left and didn’t even have time to get a good look at his site.

I do NOT like audio that comes on automatically when I open a website, unless I know it in advance or reasonably expect it, as I would if I were going to a music site. If my sound is on and an audio clip starts, I’m gone!

And I might even blog about it, too!

But, I’m not going to mention the site I left, because, even if I remembered it, they’re not getting free traffic from me.

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blogging, give me a break!

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  • dcr Dec 24, 2007

    I hate that too. If I know it's coming, I'll turn the speakers down or off. But, I have my speakers set at a comfortable level for notification sounds on my computer, and music and video sites usually play quite loud at those levels.

    With many sites, like YouTube, I can adjust the audio level from the video controls and not have to adjust my speakers. But, some sites don't have an audio adjustment option on their players and I have to adjust my speakers.

    But, yeah, worst of them are the ones that just start playing music or video automatically. If I want to see or hear it, I'll push a button.

    It's like those web sites that say "Best viewed with…" I shouldn't have to adjust my machine to suit their website. I'll just go somewhere else.

  • Mike Goad Dec 24, 2007

    There are some instances where one just has no choice but to use Internet Explorer. A prime example was the company portal that I used when accessing work stuff at home back before I retired. It was IE or nothing. There's still an occasional instance where I'll open up IE if there's something I really WANT to do and it's only available via IE…, but it's not often! (and it usually has something to do with Microsoft)

    Have a Happy Holidays!

  • teeni Dec 24, 2007

    Yeah, that's very annoying and each player has a different place where you would find the pause or stop button so it is just easier to close the window or back out of the site completely. What a pain those things are. I say if you want to listen to music on your blog then turn your stereo/radio/cd player/iPod on for yourself and let everyone else choose for themselves.

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