I was told yesterday that my last day of work is next Friday!

office work circa 1959 Not having a job as of the end of next Friday is not a bad thing for me, as some of my few long time readers would know.

You see, I’m retired and this job was just a 7 month contract gig with 4 weeks off in the first half. So, starting next Saturday, I’ll be back to full-time retirement.

The contract job was back at the place I retired from and my office — until next Friday — is three doors down from my old office.  Except for a few weeks here and there, I had worked in the same building from April 1983 until I retired at the end of February 2007.

The last several months have been very fulfilling as I was able to do the parts of the job that I really enjoyed without getting overwhelmed with all of the administrative stuff  that in-house staff has to deal with — the kind of stuff that was part of the reason that I retired when I did.

Today I was walking back to the office with an empty cardboard box for loading up my few personal possessions when I ran into the department manager.  I remarked that there was a lot less accumulation with a 6 month temporary gig than there had been for 24 years as an employee.

She laughed and then said that they could probably find someplace to store it where it would be there waiting for me when I come back for another gig in about 11 months.

Hmmm… take a year off from work, then work for 6 months doing what I enjoy, then eleven months off and come back for another 6 month gig.  Better than working full time, that’s for sure.

Note: the guy in the picture is not me or anyone I am related to.  I was 7 years old when this picture was snapped.

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  • Memarie Lane Aug 23, 2008

    My dad is nearing retirement age, but I don’t think he could ever truly retire. The man just can’t sit still. It’s funny because he complains about stress at work, but when he has time off it drives him crazy!

  • teeni Aug 23, 2008

    Wow! So this schedule actually is going to keep things interesting for you. You won’t get sick of work and you certainly won’t get sick of retirement. LOL. Oh, man – those are the same floors that were in my elementary school, I swear!

  • Onedia Aug 23, 2008

    I know what you mean. I am not of retirement age but thanks to a Navy retirement and another income I can choose how I stay busy. Although I don’t want anything that requires me to have a regular schedule I do like “working at something”.

    Although when I saw the first line of your post on the blogroll of the beacon sidebar, I was alarmed for you. Good to know that instead I can say lucky you.


  • rummuser Aug 23, 2008

    In the circles that I, as a retired person move around, we call people tired, retired and retarded. These are the three stages that all retirees go through. The first one is before actual retirement, the next is after actual retirement and the third one is when it really sinks in that you do not have to work anymore. It is always nice to have such short term gigs however. Wetting one’s whistles as it were. Have fun.

  • dcr Aug 24, 2008

    Wow. I was going to say I have a chair like that at work, but it doesn’t have arm rests!

  • merri Aug 24, 2008

    Hi I am envious about your work schedule; sounds ideal!
    Life is short, why NOT!
    Good that you said the guy wasn’t YOU!

  • Mike Goad Sep 23, 2008

    Replying to old comments… did I ever tell you about my procrastination?

    @ Memarie Lane – I know several people like that. One of them seemed really afraid of retiring. When he did, though, he never looked back and wouldn’t consider going back to work.

    @Teeni – I don’t think I’ll get tired of retirement, even if I don’t get the contract opportunity next time.

    @Oneida – The line was intended to grab attention. I guess it worked.

    @ rummuser – It still takes a little time after the contract is over getting used to the idea that I don’t have to go back to work. and we are enjoying our trip.

    @ dcr – The navy always seemed to have old furniture in the shore installations and I sat in a lot of chairs like that. Never had one that I could specifically call my own, though.

    @ merri – Yeah, it’s going to work out pretty good…, and that guy is old enough to be my dad!

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