I know a very special Cover Girl!

our little catalog girl - Demco 2008 catalog

our little catalog girl - online photo at Land’s EndOkay — so it’s for a catalog.

And she’s only five — and our granddaughter.

We think it’s very cool.

It’s a school and library supply company and she’s on the cover of the 2008 catalog. The website description of the catalog says, “…. thousands of quality products in one place. Library supplies, AV supplies, and equipment, signage & display, furniture, Library Promotions™, learning materials, and more. A huge variety to choose from!”

Coincidentally with this, her mother found a picture of her in a Land’s End ad that she hadn’t seen yet. We’ve seen the picture in catalogs, just not in this location online. I think they’ve had this picture in at least two catalogs, except it had been photo-shopped with a different color for the coat.

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  • teeni Jan 7, 2008

    She is absolutely adorable! How neat to see your granddaughter's fresh-faced image was chosen! These are definitely worth taking up scrapbooking for!

  • CatherineL Jan 7, 2008

    She is so cute. Has she been doing the modelling for a while Mike, or is it just a one off thing?

  • Mike Goad Jan 8, 2008

    She's been doing it since early in 2007. She's been in several Land's End catalogs and has had shoots for several other things.

  • She is pretty! 🙂 I remember you mentioned the Lands End catalog.

  • Mike Goad Jan 9, 2008

    Thanks. She's a natural.

  • Barbara (Xerraire) Jan 10, 2008

    This is very cool!

    You must be very proud!

  • Mike Goad Jan 10, 2008

    But, of course. (Naturally, we would be even without this)

  • Rose Jan 13, 2008

    I have told you this before, but she is so cute. You must be proud?

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