I Forgot to Mention…

The last day we were in Springfield, we were going to the waiting room when I saw someone who looked very familiar — and he wasn’t any part of the family. He recognized me about the same time I recognized him. It was Steve S___k.

Steve had taken the last ANO severence package and now lives somewhere on the White River in Arkansas. His wife was in the hospital for surgery to reset a break in her leg that had not healed from a mishap that had occurred last year. We talked for quite a while two different times catching up on various things.

One thing that I learned from Steve is that our insurance is very good, at least in an instance like what his wife had been in. The original mishap had resulted in multiple fractures and she had been med-flighted to St. Johns Hospital in Springfield. Out-of-pocket expenses have been a little over $3,000 of the total expenses, which included a $14,000 helicopter flight! Even though I have to pay more now for my insurance now that I’m retired, it is a fairly good deal when you take into consideration how much I might have to pay otherwise.

It was good to see Steve and it took me away from the waiting room for a while.

More on Toni: She is out of intensive care and into a private room. Karen talked to her for a very short while last night.

A lost Exit78 post, recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

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