Hooker’s Headquarters.

What could go wrong with a title like that?

hookers's headquartersI was “creating” a product on Zazzle for a coffee cup that would feature an image of an 1863 drawing by Alfred Waud. The product description was going to be:

Civil War – Hooker’s Headquarters.

General Joseph Hooker, tent headquarters, Army of the Potomac, Alfred Waud, March 1863

Well, when I submitted the design and product information, a message popped up telling me that the description was more suited to a PG-13 audience and suggested that I make changes to the description if I wanted a G rating.

It did give me the option to explain why a G rating was appropriate. 

I explained that Joseph Hooker was a civil war general and there was no reason for anything about him to be PG-13.

The product was approved this morning.


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