Holiday Cheer.

2010 12 24 015ed

Well Christmas has come, and soon will be gone.

It’s cold here and, while we had some flurries this morning, it’s not a white Christmas.  The winter storm that hit the southeast US missed us.

Our youngest daughter, her hubby and kids are traveling from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee on their way home.  Part of their travel was to be through some areas with snow, but, hopefully, it wasn’t too bad.  Living in the north, they are familiar with winter weather.

We had an abbreviated visit with our older daughter – shorter than planned.  Her husband had a bad cold and stayed home.  She had a short visit with her mother-in-law and then came up the hill for a middle of the day meal with us and a few hours with us before leaving with enough time to get home before dark.

I hope that the rest of the holiday season – and next year – is great for everyone.


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