Historic Photographic Links at the Freehold

I’ve added several links to sites with historic photos at my link pages at the Freehold.

Historic Photography

  • Anderson, George Edward —Almost 13,000 images taken ca. 1878-1928, which includes studio and environmental portraits, mostly of Utah residents; Utah railroad and mining history (including the 1900 Scofield mine disaster); and Mormon (LDS) Church historic sites. (BYU)
    Camp, Walter Mason — 86 photographic images of the Indian Wars of North America, 1865-1890 (BYU)
  • Jackson, William Henry — Almost 1,100 images from one of the most renowned 19th century landscape photographers of the American West. The collection includes landscapes of the western United States and Mexico; but also 231 images of Asia and Pacific countries; 60 Native American portraits; and 30 pieces of art. (BYU)
  • Irvine, Edith — 293 photographs of California, especially stunning are her 1906 San Francisco earthquake images, with other important California images from the Electra Power Project (1898-1902), Mokelumne Hill and Yosemite National Park. (BYU)
  • Pictures of the Civil War — National Archives (NARA)
  • Regional Streetscape and Townscape Photographs of New York City, 1860-1942 — Several hundred prints and photographs offering the complete content of a wide range of selected image collections and illustrated monographs: Hudson River mansions, including Washington Irving’s home and vicinity in the 1860s; street views by Alice Austen from 1896; a panorama of Fifth Avenue from 1911, and more. (NYPL)
  • San Francisco Images — Fireman’s Fund
  • Savage, C. R. — Over 1,000 images from one of the foremost 19th century landscape photographers of the western United States. The collection includes portraits, many of prominent Mormon leaders; views of Utah and the west; mining operations; and some Native American portraits. (BYU)
  • Stewart, Willard — Photographs for the WPA and HABS, contains 246 photographs of landscapes and buildings in Delaware. The collection includes images from throughout Delaware, although the greatest number are from New Castle County, with the architecture of New Castle and Wilmington being extremely well represented. (University of Delaware)
  • Transportation Photographs — an ongoing digital collection of photographs depicting various modes of transportation in the Pacific Northwest region and Western United States during the first half of the 20th century. (University of Washington)

Post from one of my abandoned blogs – North Farnham Freeholder – recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

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